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Keynote speakers



C.M. Johnstone

University of Strathclyde, UK

The Research Challenges in Delivering a Robust, Cost Effective International
Tidal Energy Industry



Narasimalu Srikanth 

Nanyang Technological Institute, Singapore

Hybrid Floating Renewables Towards Coastal Energy Resiliece



Ken Takagi

University of Tokyo, Japan

Floating Type Ocean Current Turbine​​





Kuang-Chong Wu

National Taiwan University, Taiwan

An Overview of Current Development, Vision and Challenge of Global Offshore Wind and Marine Energy Power








Yage You

Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC), Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Progress of Wave Energy Technology



Lei Zuo

Virginia Tech., USA

Mechanical Motion Rectifier: A High Efficiency and Reliable WEC Power Takeoff









Martin Edlund

CEO of Minesto

Enabling Renewable Baseload Generation by Flying Subsea Kites







Ali Baghaei

CEO of Aquanet Power Limited

Aquanet Power:  Designing and Optimising a Full Scale PTO for Commercialisation

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